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Giving Back To The Community...Help Needed!

Aug 20, 2018

For some staffing agencies in Oshkosh, Appleton or Green Bay, their goal is to simply fill jobs, regardless of the job seekers qualification or experience. Afterall, that is how a temp agency or staffing agency makes their money. 

We’ve said over and over Acrux Staffing of Wisconsin aims to match job seekers and employers with the RIGHT MATCH! Our goal is to make sure that our employers are getting qualified and culturally matched candidates & our job seekers are getting the jobs that they are wanting, not just filling any position with any warm body...

Acrux Staffing of Wisconsin takes it another step further. Our goal is to also give those at a disadvantage in our community, the opportunity for jobs they need to become independant. Types of job seekers we assist daily include (but not limited to) the following:

*Unemployed Veterans

*Homeless Job Seekers

*Foster Kids Turning 18

*Recovered Drug Addicts

*Rehabilitated Criminals

*Battered Women

*Troubled Youth Becoming Adults

*Families Within Poverty Level Income

*Single Parents

So how can you help??? Glad you asked!!!

For each candidate within the above categories that you refer & gets a job, we will make a $10 contribution to a local church or charitable organization of your choice. Even though our local unemployment rate is at an all time low, the majority of those unemployed fall within the above categories and are the most in need of jobs in order to get on their feet and/or support their families. 

Lets help get people to work that truly need it! If you know of anyone in need of work, there’s plenty of ways they can reach out for jobs. 


1486 Kenwood Dr. #102, Menasha WI 54952

1039 W Mason St #131, Green Bay, WI 54303 

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