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Jul 10, 2018

Acrux Staffing - The "Dating Site" for Appleton / Green Bay Job Seekers & Employers


With so many staffing agencies in the Appleton and Green Bay area, its hard to choose which ones to use for both employers and job seekers. So how do you make that choice?  Although Acrux Staffing would love to be the only option for full time jobs in Appleton and Green Bay, the reality is that you should use multiple employment agencies! 

Unemployment is at an all time low while open jobs are getting to an all time high. This is good news for job seekers, but tough news for employers looking for qualified candidates! The hardest part about using a staffing agency is the stigma that comes with it. Many employers have had bad experiences getting staffed with "warm bodies" or unqualified candidates simply so the agency can staff any and everybody in order to make their money off of the employers. For the employees, there’s the stigma that they are going to get a job that doesn’t meet their experiences or needs and they will simply be bounced around until they find the right job for them. Sadly, this stigma is true in many cases. 

The root cause to this is that many staffing agencies have such a high overhead that they scramble to fill jobs so they can cover expenses. The unfortunate part to this is they lost the value of helping job seekers and employers get matched with eachother. Staffing / Employment agencies are meant to be like dating sites. A companies job description and an employees resume are like their dating profile. The goal is to find common interests and match the right relationships with the hopes that they will live happily ever after. It’s truly a rewarding feeling when this happens. Sadly again, it isn’t always looked at this way anymore.  

Acrux Staffing is a family owned, old school mentality company. We keep our expenses at a minimum affording us the time to find the right match! Just like in the world of dating sites, its more than just finding someone with common interests (or in this case, qualified experiences). It’s also about finding someone with matching personalities (or someone that fits the company culture). To put it simply, if we were to staff a "warm bodied" employee with a company, they won’t last long and we will not make any money from it. Also, we would lose confidence and trust in that company. 

With that being said, Acrux Employment Staffing of Appleton and Green Bay may not be the cheapest for companies, or the fastest for employees, but we will certainly be the most accurate with matching employers with the right job seekers. To be blunt and honest, even if we only cared about making a profit, it would still be a mistake for us to just staff any and everybody with a job just to get them working only to leave or get let go within their first week. Rather than taking a little bit of time to find the right person for the right job. So if you’re an applicant looking for full time work in Appleton / Green Bay WI, or a company looking to find the right candidate in a low unemployment rate area, Acrux Staffing & Employment services should certainly be one of your choices to match the right professional relationships. Please give us a call at 920-720-0830, or visit us on facebook at . We’re ready to go to work for you! 

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